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Smartphone applications became an important part of businesses and commercial activities.

Many decision makers recognize the value of these applications in their marketing strategies. Recently, Jordan has witnessed a high demand for applications development, due to the growing use of smartphones.

Organizations are keen to implement ERP in their workplaces to organize their resources and communicate among their departments to all aligned together.

Therefore our organization has taken the lead in creating and developing creative software ideas across the region.

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Your Health. Our Mission.

Grace and Mercy was established to be an entity pushing the direction of the development of the software industry in the region according to the latest scientific methods and apply the concept of creativity and mastery.

We aim to develop and manage leading software ideas and projects as well as to provide integrated solutions for its clients in the fields of web applications and smartphone applications in all their systems, and to achieve their requirements accurately and efficiently.

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Over 8+ drug manufacturers partners with Grace and Mercy Pharmacy nationwide 

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